LED Ligthboxes[LED]

Aluminum snap frame with LED edge lighting.
Our thinnest profile Light-Up Display® ever! This super thin lightweight display features color corrected LED lighting to brightly and correctly illuminate your image.


  • • Thin profile
  • • Single-sided
  • • Attractive anodized aluminum finish
  • • Color corrected LED illumination
  • • Easy front loading snap frame
  • • UL approved components and fixture

Item# OD Size Weight
LED-1224 12"h x 24"w x 0.75"d 5 lbs.
LED-2436 24"h x 36"w x 0.75"d 15 lbs.
LED-2448 24"h x 48"w x 0.75"d 20 lbs.
LED-3648 36"h x 48"w x 0.75"d 30 lbs.
LED-3660 36"h x 60"w x 0.75"d 75 lbs.