Interlocking Light-Up Displays[UT]

UltraThin Interlocking Light-Up Displays
These low profile lightboxes are designed to provide brilliant illumination. Strong yet lightweight, our UltraThin Displays feature a patented PVC framing system that allows individual lightboxes to be interlocked to create freestanding kiosks or large multiple-box configurations. A great economical solution for creating high impact ‘get noticed’ displays. It’s not just another lightbox, it’s a Light-Up Display®!


  • • 2.9" total depth
  • • Quick change side-loading graphics
  • • Extruded PVC frame
  • • Patented interlocking frame
  • • Thermoformed, co-extruded black pan
  • • Heavy-duty D-hooks for hanging
  • • UL approved unit

Item# OD Size Weight
UT1012-LED 11"h x 12"w x 2.9"d 4 lbs.
UT1016-LED 11"h x 17"w x 2.9"d 5 lbs.
UT1113-LED 12"h x 15"w x 2.9"d 4 lbs.
UT1114-LED 12"h x 15"w x 2.9"d 6 lbs.
UT1224-LED 13"h x 25"w x 2.9"d 7 lbs.
UT1526-LED 16"h x 27"w x 2.9"d 10 lbs.
UT1620-LED 17"h x 21"w x 2.9"d 9 lbs.
UT1640-LED 17"h x 21"w x 2.9"d 14 lbs.
UT1650-LED 17"h x 51"w x 2.9"d 15 lbs.
UT2024-LED 21"h x 25"w x 2.9"d 11 lbs.
UT2228-LED 23"h x 29"w x 2.9"d 16 lbs.
UT2430-LED 25"h x 31"w x 2.9"d 18 lbs.
UT2436-LED 25"h x 36"w x 2.9"d 21 lbs.
UT3240-LED 31"h x 41"w x 2.9"d 32 lbs.
UT4050-LED 41"h x 51"w x 2.9"d 34 lbs.