LED Translucent Frame[LETF]

This frameless translucent acrylic design features brilliant illuminated edge lighting in a sleek contemporary display. The super thin profile is perfect for small places and creates an elegant showcase for your message.


  • • LED Edge Illumination
  • • Dual Acrylic Panels with Standoffs
  • • Counter or Wall Display
  • • Attractive Sleek Design
  • • Custom Sizes Available

Item# OD Size Weight
LETF-812 11.5"w x 15"h 5 lbs.
LETF-2228 25"w x 31"h 15 lbs.
LETF-2436 27"w x 39"h 20 lbs.
LETF-2448 27"w x 39"h 25 lbs.